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Technical Support can be confusing and frustrating, we pride ourselves on simplifying Technical Support for our clients by offering remote support and providing our expertise knowledge to resolve any question brought to our door step.

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Our Approaches To Cyber Security


Increased And Evolving Threat

In todays ever changing world of technology cyberattacks are constantly evolving. From malware, phishing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and more place company and government information and infrastructure at risk. CG NetSystems aims to reduce these risks for your company by staying up to date with sophisticated system scans and being a well researche organization.


Widening Attack Surface

With Remote work, internet of things (IoT) devices, 5 G networks and other computing initiative the cyber attack surface is broader than it has been in the past. To minimize an opportunity of attack companies have had to adjust how they setup their networks in order to reduce themselves as an easy attack. This can be accomplished by the use of intrinsic security models integrated with automation, developing zero trust networks, and strengthening end to end encryption.


Structural Weaknesses

With everything there is structural strength and structural weakness, we can sometimes forget that Information Technology can have vulnerabilities the eye can't see. CG NetSystems utilizes system scans to minimize certain overlooked security threats such as updates, patches, unneeded opened ports, and more.

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