VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules
VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules
VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules
VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules

VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules

VPN’s can sometime scare people, or from time to time I hear the old saying “I have nothing to hide so I might as well provide (insert authority here) with the information they are asking for.” The problem with this thought is, when you look at a VPN like it’s a lock on your bathroom

Apple confirms the scale of App Store fraud

In the wake of Apple releasing the data of how many fraudulent attempts were made through the app store forces app developers to not only pay attention to the code in their applications, but it also forces users to take a second to verify the applications they are installing are genuine applications. On one hand

When your Smart ID Card Reader Comes with Malware

Stories such as, “When your smart ID Card Reader Comes with Malware,” are indicators that today’s IT landscape is a delicate minefield one must carefully venture through. When utilizing Internet of Thing devices becomes a question of authenticity of the company supplying the device, we must practice caution when “making it work.” Once upon a

4 Tips to Strengthen Cybersecurity for Small Businesses from Microsoft President Brad Smith

Blog Introduction: In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever for small businesses. With so many attacks happening every day, it’s essential to be as prepared as possible. During the Small Business Administration’s inaugural Cyber Summit, Microsoft president Brad Smith would look to spend 15 minutes learning about the organization’s vulnerabilities and examine

Humans are the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity Strategies

Most of us already know that humans can be a key flaw when it comes to cybersecurity strategies. But, when a hacker tricked an employee into doing something so against every security best practice, it’s a reminder that successful social engineering isn’t restricted to non-technical organizations. Too often, people make excuses such as “I didn’t

Google’s Open-Source YARA Rules for Cobalt Strike Detection

Google has announced the release of YARA rules and a VirusTotal collection to help improve detection of Cobalt Strike attacks. Cobalt Strike is a tool used by attackers to gain remote access to systems and is difficult to detect with traditional security mechanisms. The new YARA rules and VirusTotal collection are designed to help security

Microsoft Edge 108: What’s New?

Microsoft recently released their newest version of Edge, 108. It comes with a variety of new features and security fixes, including the highly anticipated “sleeping tabs” feature. In this blog post, we will discuss the changes made in Edge 108 and why they are important for users. First, let’s talk about the security updates that